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Table 2 Topic guide

From: What are patients’ knowledge, expectation and experience of radial extracorporeal shockwave therapy for the treatment of their tendinopathies? A qualitative study

Introduction of interviewer and overview of the study
Discussion on consent, confidentiality and the interview procedure
Check if interviewee has any questions and happy to proceed
Background factors
The type of tendinopathy and length of time interviewees have had it for
The type of physical activities interviewees perform
In what way did the condition present as a problem for the interviewees?
What treatments have they tried so far or prior to rESWT if applicable?
If other treatments helped, ask in what way did it help?
Preconceptions and expectations of rESWT
How did interviewees first hear about rESWT?
If applicable, cover any background reading done
What did interviewees understand about how rESWT works?
What did interviewees understand about the procedure itself?
Cover any side-effects
What did interviewees expect would be the outcome after rESWT?
Short and long term outcomes
Discuss what interviewees personally would consider a successful outcome
Experiences of rESWT (if applicable)
What were interviewees told about rESWT by the healthcare professional?
If this has already been covered from previous questions then omit
If applicable, ask how interviewees feel this changed what they initially understood and expected from the procedure
What were interviewees’ first experiences of rESWT like?
Cover number of shocks, interactions with the professional performing the procedure, positive/negative effects and experiences
Did interviewees feel their experience of rESWT was what they expected?
If so, why? If not, why not?
Cover anything that was done well and anything that could have been done better
What are interviewees’ current views about rESWT?
Relevant or not relevant to the interviewees’ tendinopathy condition
Cover interviewees’ perceived outcome from the procedure (short and long term)
Close interview
Summarise discussion
Reiterate confidentiality
Invite any questions
Thank interviewees