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Table 6 Responses to the questions; during the past 12 months, how much of the time have you had any of the following problems with your work or other activities as a result of your physical health?

From: Identifying lower limb problems and the types of safety footwear worn in the Australian wine industry: a cross-sectional survey

Question Mean SD False (%) True (%)
Reduced the amount of time you spent on work or other activities. 1.68 0.80 85.9 1.9
Accomplished less than you would like. 1.85 0.85 77.3 3.3
Were limited in the kind of work or other activities. 1.87 0.89 78.2 3.8
Took extra time performing work or other activities. 1.89 0.83 79.2 2.9
Interfered with normal social activities with family and friends. 1.53 0.76 86.1 0.9
  1. Response range and definition: 1-definitely false, 2-mostly false, 3-don’t know, 4-mostly true, 5-definitely true. Mean response mean, SD standard deviation