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Table 1 Summary of integrated quantitative and qualitative analysis

From: COVID-19 lockdown disrupts support networks integral to maintaining foot health: a mixed-methods study

Phase of thematic analysis Means of establishing trustworthiness
Phase 1: Data familiarisation Prolonged engagement with the data including completion of initial quantitative analyses (LC, LG & DJC)
Document and discuss theoretical and reflective thoughts (all researchers)
Phase 2: Code generation Document thoughts about potential codes (LC & LG independently)
Researcher triangulation (LC, LG & MC)
Log audit trail of code generation (LC & LG)
Phase 3: Theme generation Theme generation (LC and LG independently)
Research triangulation (LC, LG & MC)
Document theme connections (LC & LG)
Phase 4: Theme confirmation Research triangulation (LC, LG & MC)
Diagramming to make sense of theme connections (LC & LG)
Test for referential adequacy by returning to raw data and completing quantitative analyses (LC & LG)
Team consensus on themes (all researchers)
Documentation of theme framing process
Phase 5: Integration with quantitative data Integration of quantitative data within qualitative context and cross-referencing for credibility (LC & LG)
Researcher triangulation (LC, LG & MC)
Phase 6: Report production Generate full data report for dissemination