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Table 3 - Quality Assessment of Included Studies

From: Non-pharmacological interventions and corticosteroid injections for the management of the Achilles tendon in inflammatory arthritis: a systematic review

Author, year Sequence Generation / Allocation Concealment (internal validity) Blinding of Participants, Personnel, and Outcome Assessors (internal validity) Incomplete Outcome Data (internal validity) Selective Outcome Reporting / Statistical Issues (internal validity) Interventions (internal validity) Generalisability (external validity) Internal Validity External Validity
Huang et al. [26] N/A N/A Yes No No No Low Low
Srivastava & Aggarwal [27] N/A N/A Yes No No No Low Low
  1. Same checklist used for all study designs but N/A for domains 1 and 2 for study designs other than RCT
  2. N/A Not applicable
  3. 3 domains for Internal Validity
  4. YES for all of the domains = HIGH QUALITY
  5. NO for any domain = LOW QUALITY
  6. 1 domain for External Validity
  7. YES for domain = HIGH QUALITY
  8. NO for domain = LOW QUALITY