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Table 2 Green Podiatry actions require variable effort, and involve a range of cost: benefits

From: Sustainable healthcare – Time for ‘Green Podiatry’

Effort estimates Action examples
Easy, immediate e-comms, e-records (data security!), reusable shopping bags, buy local, less packaging, turn off lights, adjust temperature settings re heat/cooling
Some organisation LED lighting, avoid packaging as much as possible, and set up recycling eg paper /plastics/ foils; use e-waste and recycling depots
More commitment Public transport/walk/ride a bicycle as possible (even 1–2 days/week to work – with a friend/colleague?), switch to renewable energy (add solar panels – work/home), car share commutes
Bigger issues Limit air travel, esp. long haul overseas
Plan for an e-car
Purchase power (eg buy local)
Contact your MP, think about your vote