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Table 1 Risk of bias assessment

From: The epidemiology of chronic ankle instability with perceived ankle instability- a systematic review

  Criterion Schmitt et al. [18] Donovan et al. [19] Koshino et al. [20] Holland et al. [21] Doherty et al. [22] Attenborough et al. [23] Simon et al. [24] Tanen et al. [25] Kobayashi et al. [26] % Studies with ‘yes’ response
1 That a clear definition of chronic ankle instability is clearly described Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 100%
2 Study design is cross-sectional or prospective No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes 56%
3 Description of participants demographics are given No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes 56%
4 Studies that conducted the random selection process or the studies that analyzed the entire target population receive No No No No NA No Yes No No 13%
5 Prospective studies that collected the data of at least 80% of the participants included in the study. The cross-sectional and retrospective studies receive N/A for this criterion. NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
6 The injury diagnosis was conducted by health professionals or using valid and reliable tools Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 100%
7 The follow up period: For the prospective studies at least 6 months follow up, for retrospective studies up tp 12 NA NA NA NA Yes NA NA NA NA NA
  Total score (%) 40% 60% 80% 80% 80% 80% 60% 40% 80%  
  1. NA Not applicable