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Table 3 Comparison of Belgian, German, and Australian accreditation systems [17, 27]

From: Availability and service provision of multidisciplinary diabetes foot units in Australia: a cross-sectional survey

  Belgium Germany Australia
Members Diabetologist, surgeon on call, podiatrist, diabetes nurse, footwear technician Diabetologist, at least four of the following: orthopaedic surgeon, vascular surgeon, diabetologist, chiropodist, orthotist, shoemaker, microbiologist The minimum core staffing is: diabetologist, senior podiatrist, and a credentialled diabetes educator. Patients should have access to vascular surgery and orthopaedic surgery services.
Emergency service Permanent (24/7) availability of a diabetologist on call 24/7 availability of service N/A
Outpatient clinic At least 4 h of consultation per week N/A At least one session per week
Dedicated ward round N/A N/A N/A
Evidenced-Based Clinical Management N/A Treatment according to guidelines All members agreed upon treatment guidelines and protocols which are based on published evidence-based best practice guidelines.
Defined intake criteria N/A N/A Evidenced-based intake criteria are clearly defined and articulated to referrers for both urgent and non-urgent referrals.
Coordination N/A N/A A member is appointed as the coordinator to provide overall coordination of the team
Continuity of Care and Communication Continuity of care during hospitalization
Feedback to GPs and home care providers
N/A Management plans are communicated in a timely manner (within 5 business days) to the referrer and all relevant health professionals involved in the patient’s care including the GP.
Quality improvement Compulsory audit Compulsory audit Compulsory audit