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Table 1 Podiatric interventions

From: Effect of contact with podiatry in a team approach context on diabetic foot ulcer and lower extremity amputation: systematic review and meta-analysis

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Examples of podiatric interventions
Preventive strategies - Stratification of the population risk
- Program for vulnerable populations
- Pedorthic evaluation
Educational strategies - Program for self-management and support for self-management
- Personal hygiene education
Foot cares strategies - Callus management
- Nail management
Offloading strategies - Orthoses
- Management with shoes
- Walking aids
- Immobilisation
Infection control and wound care strategies - Specialised wound dressing
- Infection algorithm
- Biofilm-based wound care
- Advanced adjuvant therapies such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, negative pressure therapy, etc.
Surgical strategies - Surgical debridement
- Correction of bone deformities
- Tissue engineering and grafts
Other strategies from podiatric expertise - Pharmacology
- Radiology