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Table 3 Components of an educational intervention

From: Lived experience and attitudes of people with plantar heel pain: a qualitative exploration

The content
 Provide a definition of plantar heel pain, including classic features that differentiate it from other conditions
 Include information about what is effective and what is ineffective
 Provide treatment options at different stages of the condition
 Define the role of various health professionals that can provide advice
 Provide access to information that allows greater knowledge exploration
 Include stories of people who have lived with PHP
 Include videos that demonstrate exercises (e.g. stretching)
The features
 Use simple, clear, and easy to understand terminology
 Concise and easy to read
 Include good use of illustrations
ONLINE elements
 Perform a walkthrough of the website
 Include good use of written, audio and visual illustrations
 Ensure there is a clear statement of quality assurance
 Regular updates
 Provide handouts that can be downloaded for easy reference to key issues