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Table 1 Topic guide to facilitate the semi-structured interview

From: Lived experience and attitudes of people with plantar heel pain: a qualitative exploration

1. Can you tell me about the problems you have been having with your heel?
2. What do you think caused your heel pain?
3. What do you think is happening in your heel?
4. Has your heel pain changed things for you in your life?
5. What do you do for your heel pain?
6. What do you understand about your treatment options – which might or might not be effective and why?
7. What or who has influenced your treatment decisions (clinician, internet, family, etc)?
8. What advice would you give to someone else who has similar issues with their heel?
9. Do you regret any treatment decisions (or happy with your decisions)?
10. What do you want from a clinician for whom you may or may not have consulted for your PHP?
11. Who has provided your education and what specific education resources have been provided to you?
12. Have you used the internet to find additional information and if so where did you go and what did you find?
13. What do you wish you had learnt sooner about your heel pain?
14. How do you think education provided about your condition can be improved?
15. If a website was to be built, which provided education about your condition
 • What information should be included?
 • How would you like the information to be presented?