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Table 1 Questions included in the Charcot Radiological Staging Scale

From: A radiological severity scale to measure the impact of Charcot’s Neuroarthropathy: an observational study

Question 1Is there evidence of disruption at any of the mid foot articulation?
(Do not take fusion into consideration and default answer to the highest level of disruption)
0 - No
1 - Subluxation of articulations is evident
2 - Dislocation of articulations is evident (Fig. 1a)
Question 2Are there any bone fragments visible in the midfoot?0 - No
1 - Yes 1–3 fragments visible
2 - Yes > 3 fragments visible (Fig. 1b)
Question 3Is there significant or overt osteopenia (loss of bone density) through the mid foot?0 - No
1 – Yes (Fig. 1c)
Question 4Is there a noticeable change in shape of any mid tarsal bones not affected by fracture or fusion?0 - No
1 – Yes (Fig. 1d)
Question 5Is there loss of the plantar arch (medial longitudinal arch)?0- No the plantar arch is intact
1- Yes there is some lowering of the plantar arch
2- Yes the plantar arch has been lost
3- The plantar arch is convex (rocker bottom) (Fig. 1e)