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Table 4 Outcome measures used in practice

From: Symptomatic pes planus in children: a synthesis of allied health professional practices

Outcome measurementProfession (%)Odds ratio
PodPTOrthPod versus OrthPod versus PTPT versus Orth
Paediatric specific questionnaire6.133.3  0.2
Foot specific questionnaire18.8   
General health questionnaire31.
Wong-Baker FACE pain score12.5   
Visual analogue score62.527.333.
Patient reported pain31.357.650.
Activity levels25.06.1 4.1 
Hubshur/Jacks test6.3   
Balance6.316.7  0.4
Parental reported complaint12.
Gait analysis6.330.3 0.2 
Strengthening exercises6.1   
  1. PT Physiotherapist, Pod Podiatrist, Orth Orthotist