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Table 2 Clinical Assessment of Pes Planus

From: Symptomatic pes planus in children: a synthesis of allied health professional practices

AssessmentProfession (%)Odds ratio
PodPTOrthPod versus OrthPod versus PTPT versus Orth
Standing tip-toe62.551.566.
Neurological tests50.027.3 1.8 
Joint range of movement68.836.483.
History taking31.312.
Hubshur/Jacks test37.533.3 1.1 
Patient complaint12.518.
Gait analysis18.821.
X-Ray imaging12.
Single leg balance31.
Muscle power18.
Beighton test12.53.0 4.2 
  1. FPI-6 Foot Posture Index; PT Physiotherapist, Pod Podiatrist, Orth Orthotist