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Table 3 Criteria for assessment alongside description of assessment

From: Professional appraisal of online information about children’s footwear measurement and fit: readability, usability and quality

Criteria for assessmentScoreDescription
AccessibilityTotal score for searches and no. of times as first in searchHow many search terms returned this resource and how easy is it to find?
Reading easeSMOG IndexReadability scores calculated with the SMOG Index.
ReadabilityRated out of 10Are the instructions clear?
ContentRated out of 10Advice and/or quantitative measure?
Clear layout and presence of diagrams or images.
UsabilityRated out of 10How it loads online and opens – can you use it on a tablet or phone?
Does it need printing?
How easy is the website to navigate?
Are the buttons clear and is the layout easy to read?
Validity - taskRated out of 10Is the task or process described appropriate for measuring the feet of children?
Validity - measuresRated out of 10Which aspects of the foot does it quantify? E.g. length only, width measures, instep, whole foot with an app.