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Table 2 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for resources and criteria for categorisation as foot measurement

From: Professional appraisal of online information about children’s footwear measurement and fit: readability, usability and quality

Inclusion CriteriaExclusion Criteria
Text in EnglishText written in non-English language
UK based or directed sourceNot UK based and relating specifically to footwear sizes which are not UK standard, e.g. EU or US sizing
Content relating to children aged up to 12 years of ageContent relating to adults or clinical groups
Directed to parents/carers of childrenDirected to the footwear industry or clinicians
Advice relating to foot measurementOnly describes shoe sizes etc. and does not expand providing advice or description
Open to access by members of the public with no registration or subscriptionRequired a subscription to be able to access all primary and secondary information