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Table 1 Participants with Foot Ulcers Stratified by Anatomical Location Prior to and during the Study

From: Ulcer metastasis? Anatomical locations of recurrence for patients in diabetic foot remission

Anatomical LocationPercentage of Participants with DFU at Location
Prior to StudyDuring Study
2nd Digit27.9%8.1%
1st Metatarsal Head25.6%40.5%
3rd Digit13.2%10.8%
5th Metatarsal Head12.4%16.2%
3rd Metatarsal Head12.4%8.1%
5th Digit11.6%5.4%
2nd Metatarsal Head11.6%8.1%
4th Digit8.5%0.0%
4th Metatarsal Head7.0%5.4%