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Table 2 Exploratory factor analysis of Persian version of the DFSBS

From: Psychometric evaluation of the Farsi version of the diabetes foot self-care bahavior scale

Factors Items Factor loading h2 % variance Eigen value Cronbach alpha
1 2- I (my caregiver) examine between my toes 0.881 0.728 44.786 3.485 0.88
4- I (my caregiver) dry between my toes after washing 0.826 0.729
3- I (my caregiver) wash between my toes 0.789 0.637
1- I (my caregiver) examine the soles of my feet 0.763 0.588
2 5- If I feel dry on the skin of my feet, I (my caregiver) apply moisturizing cream on it. 0.897 0.760 11.437 1.241 0.605
6- Before I wear my shoes, do I check the inside of my shoes (or does my caregiver do this)? 0.562 0.401
7-It takes me a while to feel comfortable in the new shoes I buy. 0.315 0.094