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Table 2 Open questions in the evaluation of the educational programme

From: Clinical guidance for podiatrists in the management of foot problems in rheumatic disorders: evaluation of an educational programme for podiatrists using a mixed methods design

Open questions Response to the open questions
Which parts did you miss in the educational programme? • Pharmacology, pathologies and connecting with other professions.
• In depth understanding of referral criteria.
• More rheumatism specific foot symptoms, how to recognize and treat.
• More nail and skin disorders.
• More opportunity to practice.
• How to enter a business relationship with regard to rheumatic foot problems.
• Information on the use of the checklists.
Which parts did you find unnecessary in the educational programme? • The use of ultrasound was to extended.
• Practicing ultrasound.
• The use of the last 2 practice cases.
• Clinical reasoning in 2 practices cases instead of 1.
• The preparation was too much.
Do you have any comments regarding the educational programme? • The space was too small.
• Rather no e-learning. The e-learning is pleasant.
• Prefer a list of medication.
• The course material is not inherent after one day.
• More and elaborated education is needed.
• The use of ‘healthy’ patients prior to the use of patients with a rheumatic disorder.
• Distinguish between basic screening and extensive screening.
• Skills require more training. Dosed pace for more in depth understanding.