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Table 3 Significant predictors based on univariable analyses for corticosteroid injection at weeks 4 and 12

From: Predictors of response to foot orthoses and corticosteroid injection for plantar heel pain

Dependent variable Predictor variable Pearson’s r P-valuea
Week 4b
 Foot function FHSQ footwear subscale −0.45 0.001
Baseline pain (measured using a VAS) −0.32 0.021
FACS −0.31 0.031
Week 12
 Foot pain Weightbearing hours −0.33 0.020
 Foot function FACS −0.42 0.002
Baseline pain (measured using a VAS) −0.39 0.005
FHSQ footwear subscale −0.29 0.043
First-step pain −0.24 0.094
 First-step pain Weightbearing hours 0.34 0.017
  1. Abbreviations: FHSQ Foot Health Status Questionnaire, FACS Fear-Avoidance Components Scale, VAS visual analogue scale
  2. aThe alpha level to include predictors was 0.10
  3. bThere were no significant predictors at week 4 for foot pain and first-step pain