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Table 3 The number and frequency of ICF categories for the components Activities and Participation, and Environmental Factors that were linked to the LFIS-RA

From: Linking the effect of psoriatic arthritis-related foot involvement to the Leeds Foot Impact Scale using the International Classification for Functioning, Disability and Health: a study to assess content validity

ICF categories LFIS-RA, n (%)
Activities and Participation
 d450 Walking 7 (22%)
 d230 Carrying out daily routine 6 (18%)
 d177 Making decisions 3 (9%)
 d4551 Climbing 2 (6%)
 d4502 Walking on different surfaces 2 (6%)
 d2304 Adapting to changes in daily routine 2 (6%)
 d4552 Running 1 (3%)
 d410 Changing basic body position 1 (3%)
 d570 Looking after one’s health 1 (3%)
 d4154 Maintaining a standing position 1 (3%)
 d920 Recreation and leisure 1 (3%)
 d5402 Putting on footwear 1 (3%)
 d469 Walking and moving, other specified and unspecified 1 (3%)
 d2303 Managing one’s own activity level 1 (3%)
 d4602 Moving around outside the home and other buildings 1 (3%)
 d799 Interpersonal interactions and relationships, unspecified 1 (3%)
 d2202 Undertaking multiple tasks independently 1 (3%)
Environmental Factors
 e1150 General products and technology for personal use in daily living 9 (60%)
 e245 Time-related changes 3 (20%)
 e115 Products and technology for personal use in daily living 2 (13%)
 e399 Support and relationships, unspecified 1 (7%)
  1. ICF International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health, LFIS-RA Leeds Foot Impact Scale in rheumatoid arthritis, PsA Psoriatic arthritis