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Table 2 The number and frequency of ICF categories for the components Body Structure and Body Function that were linked to the LFIS-RA

From: Linking the effect of psoriatic arthritis-related foot involvement to the Leeds Foot Impact Scale using the International Classification for Functioning, Disability and Health: a study to assess content validity

ICF categories LFIS-RA, n (%)
Body Structure
 s7502 Structure of ankle and foot 5 (100%)
Body Function
 b152 Emotional functions 11 (27%)
 b28015 Pain in lower limb 9 (22%)
 b770 Gait pattern functions 5 (12%)
 b760 Control of voluntary movement functions 3 (7%)
 b455 Exercise tolerance functions 3 (7%)
 b1801 Body image 2 (5%)
 b1644 Insight 2 (5%)
 b7353 Tone of muscles of lower half of body 1 (2.5%)
 b7800 Sensations of muscle stiffness 1 (2.5%)
 b134 Sleep functions 1 (2.5%)
 b2702 Sensitivity to pressure 1 (2.5%)
 b299 Sensory functions and pain, unspecified 1 (2.5%)
 b279 Additional sensory functions, other specified and unspecified 1 (2.5%)
  1. ICF international Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health, LFIS-RA Leeds Foot Impact Scale in rheumatoid arthritis, PsA Psoriatic arthritis