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Table 1 Participant Demographics

From: An exploratory qualitative study of health professional perspectives on clinical outcomes in UK orthotic practice

Participant Number Gender (M/F) Current Role Years
In current Role
P1 M Head of Service/
P2 F Head of Service/
Clinical Lead Orthotist.
P3 F Orthotic Service Manager. 7
P4 F Clinical Lead Orthotist. 1
P5 M Clinical Service Lead. 9
P6 M Clinical Lead Orthotist. 15
P7 M Clinical Lead Orthotist. No response
P8 M Senior Orthotist. No response
P9 M Clinical Lead/Head of Regional Orthotic Services 1
P10 F Principal Orthotist. 8
P11 F Senior Orthotist. 3
P12 F Clinical Lead Orthotist 21
P13 F Senior Manager for NHS Orthotics and Wheelchair Services 2
P14 M Clinical Lead/Orthotist 1
P15 F Manager of Podiatry and Orthotics 8