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Table 3 The proportion and frequency of microbial isolation from the samples

From: Clinical and bacteriological profile of diabetic foot infections in a tertiary care

BacteriaTotal numberProportionFrequency
N = 1040
Gram-positive bacteria3483363
Staphylococcus aureus1161121
Methicillin-resistantS. aureus86815
Enterococcus spp.63611
Group B streptococci4749
Other streptococci2735
Other Staphylococcus spp.912
Gram-negative bacteria55854100
Pseudomonas aeruginosa1921935
Proteus mirabilis74713
Klebsiella pneumonia71713
Enterobacter spp.69612
Escherichia coli60610
Morgenella spp.2024
Other Gram-negative1623
Serratia marcescens1513
Citrobacter spp.1212
Bacteroides spp.84815
Anaerobic Streptococci1823
Microaerop Streptococci1012
Candida spp.912
Clostridium spp.60.51
Fusobacterium spp.50.51
  1. Proportion = the percentage of isolates organism divided into the total number of isolated organisms.
  2. Frequency = the percentage of the organisms divided into the total number of patients.