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Table 3 Associations between passive NWB 1st MTP joint maximum dorsiflexion and lower limb kinematics. Values are Pearson’s r correlation coefficients and p-values

From: First metatarsophalangeal joint range of motion is associated with lower limb kinematics in individuals with first metatarsophalangeal joint osteoarthritis

Kinematic variablerp
1st MTP joint – maximum dorsiflexion0.486< 0.001*
Ankle joint – maximum plantarflexion0.3830.007*
Ankle joint – maximum dorsiflexion−0.0680.646
Ankle joint – excursion0.3990.005*
Knee joint – maximum extension0.1500.310
Knee joint – maximum flexion−0.0360.810
Knee joint – excursion0.0900.542
Hip joint – maximum extension0.1350.359
Hip joint – maximum flexion−0.1910.193
Hip joint – excursion−0.0670.652
  1. * significant at p < 0.05