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Table 1 Measures taken in part 1 and 2 of study

From: Development and evaluation of a dual density insole for people standing for long periods of time at work

Measurement Variable Equipment Part 1 Part 2
Height Stadiometer
Weight Scales
Foot Length Brannock Device
Foot Width Brannock Device
Foot Arch Length Brannock Device
Q angle Goniometer  
Dorsal height at 50% foot length Digital Calliper [16]
Height of Navicular Tuberosity Digital Calliper  
Height MTPJ1 Digital Calliper  
Height MTPJ5 Digital Calliper  
Heel Width Callipers  
Ball of foot circumference Gulick II tape measure
Short heel circumference Gulick II tape measure  
Foot Posture Index [17]
Foot mobility magnitude Digital Calliper [16]  
Plantar Pressure Pedar-X