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Table 3 Podiatrist UTAUT bivariate and multiple regression analyses with Behavioural Intention

From: Factors influencing Australian podiatrists’ behavioural intentions to adopt a smart insole into clinical practice: a mixed methods study

 Bivariate correlation with Behavioural IntentionMultiple regression to predict Behavioural Intention
Psychosocial domains(r)Standardised regression coefficient (β)Strongest model (β)Model adjusted R2SEE
Performance Expectancy0.64**0.420.420.42**0.76
Effort Expectancy0.47**0.13   
Social Influence0.45**0.16   
Self Efficacy0.30**−0.30   
Facilitating Conditions0.36**−0.06   
  1. SEE Standard error of estimate; **p < 0.01.