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Table 1 Example of UTAUT questionnaire

From: Factors influencing Australian podiatrists’ behavioural intentions to adopt a smart insole into clinical practice: a mixed methods study

Psychosocial factorItemsExample item
Performance Expectancy4Using smart insole equipment in my practice would allow my patients to be more involved and productive in their health care.
Effort Expectancy4I expect learning to operate the smart insole equipment will be easy for me.
Attitude3I would like working with smart insole equipment.
Social Influence4People who influence my behaviour think that I should use smart insole equipment.
Self-Efficacy3I could complete most tasks using smart insole equipment with just the instructions provided me.
Anxiety4I worry that if I hit the wrong button my patients’ information may not be collected.
Facilitating Conditions4I have the physical and mental ability necessary to use smart insole equipment.
Behavioural Intention3If available, I would intend to use smart insole equipment in the next 365 days.