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Table 3 Basic Foot Screening – Characteristics of Sites

From: Organizational changes in diabetic foot care practices for patients at low and moderate risk after implementing a comprehensive foot care program in Alberta, Canada

Provide Basic Screening20142019P-value*
YesNo YesNo 
ZoneNN% YesNN% Yes 
 Federal or provincial1010020100ND
 Total of all respondents584457551974See Table 2
Area of practice (more than 1 answer possible)
 Primary or family practice14670201950.005
 Acute care8114234431.00
 Wound clinic8850701000.052
 Homecare, long-term care171947167600.018
 Community care1257171880.623
 No response1000 
Screening Tool UsedN %N % 
60 s foot screening tool50 6216 31 
AHS foot screening tool  18 35 
Other31 3918 35 
  1. *p-value < 0.05 by Fisher’s Exact Test was considered significant, comparing “yes” vs “no responses”. ND, not done