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Table 2 Respondent and site characteristics in 2014 (n = 104) and 2019 (n = 75)

From: Organizational changes in diabetic foot care practices for patients at low and moderate risk after implementing a comprehensive foot care program in Alberta, Canada

Profession of RespondentN%n%0.051
 Registered Nurse44422939
 Licensed Practical Nurse441419
 Manager or Instructor or Educator22211520
 Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist or Pharmacist or Registered Dietitian881013
 Physician or Nurse Practitioner9956
 No response111100
 Federal or provincial1123
Area of practice (more than 1 answer possible)Total 172 responses%Total 91 responses% 
 Primary health care241421230.27
 Acute care201289
 Wound clinic191178
 Homecare or long-term care (HC/LTC)43252325
 Community care191189
 No response3200
Service level provided
 Basic foot screening585655730.016
 No44 19 
 No response2 1 
 Assesses for moderate risk343336480.044
 No62 29 
 No response8 10 
 Assesses for high risk343335470.019
 No60 28 
 No response20 12 
  1. *p-value < 0.05 by Chi-squared Test or Fisher’s Exact Test was considered significant. Analyses did not include “no response” as an option
  2. aOther includes categories with < 5 responses: Rural diabetes program, emergency department or intensive care unit, private/independent service, rehabilitation centre, renal clinic, other