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Table 1 Pairwise Comparisons

From: Does the application of Opsite Flexigrid occlude the oxygen saturation readings in healthy individuals using the moorVMS-OXY machine?

Pairwise ComparisonsMeasure: SO2
LayersLayersMean DifferenceSig. b95% Confidence Interval for Difference b
Lower BoundUpper Bound
0 Layers1 Layer.4001.000−3.7844.584
2 Layers3.917a.037.1957.640
1 Layer0 Layers−.4001.000−4.5843.784
2 Layers3.517a.016.5516.484
2 Layers0 Layers−3.917a.037−7.640−.195
1 Layer−3.517a0.16−6.484−.551
  1. Based on estimated marginal means
  2. a The mean difference is significant at the 0.05 level
  3. b Adjustment for multiple comparisons: Bonferroni