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Table 5 Secondary outcome measures

From: Effectiveness of therapeutic footwear for children: A systematic review

OutcomeStudyConditionGroupBaseline Mean (SD ±/-)Finala Mean (SD +/-)
Functional Stability Therapeutic Footwear
 Pain whilst using deviceBakker et al. (1997) [38]DMDFSTFN/A1.42 (0.53)
  1=no painOwn footwearN/A1.02(0.51)
KAFON/A3.0 (1.87)
  5=great deal of painSFN/A2.33 (1.03)
AFON/A2.20 (1.39)
 Reluctance to use deviceFSTFN/A2.28 (1.25)
  1=not reluctantOwn footwearN/A1.29 (1.35)
KAFON/A3.0 (1.58)
  5=great deal of reluctanceSFN/A3.66 (1.21)
AFON/A2.85 (1.53)
  1. AFO Ankle Foot Orthosis, DMD Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, FSTF Functional Stability Therapeutic Footwear, KAFO Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis, N/A Not Applicable, SF Standing Frame, aNo statistical test for significance performed