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Table 4 Demographics of the nine missed fractures

From: Point-of-care bedside ultrasound examination for the exclusion of clinically significant ankle and fifth metatarsal bone fractures; a single blinded prospective diagnostic cohort study

AgegenderTrauma mechanismActivityFractureSonographer noSonographer seenExpert seen
24maleInversionsportsMT V1noyes
18femaleInversionwalkingMT V2noyes
23femaleUnknownwalkingMT V (Jones)4nono
57femaleUnknownwalkingdistal fibula3nono
55femaleUnknowntraffic accidentMT V3nono
19femaleEversiontraffic accidentdistal tibia + malleolus tertius7noyes
19femaleUnknowntraffic accidentdistal fibula5nono
23femaleEversionwalkingdistal fibula6yesno
19maleUnknownsportsdistal fibula8yesno
  1. MTV fifth metatarsal bone