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Table 2 Baseline criteria, including non-significant fractures

From: Point-of-care bedside ultrasound examination for the exclusion of clinically significant ankle and fifth metatarsal bone fractures; a single blinded prospective diagnostic cohort study

 Patients (n)Percentage
 Age (median)28 (21–46) 
Mechanism of trauma
 Traffic accident1610%
 Rule 1 (4 steps walking test)11774%
 Rule 2 (lateral malleolus)11170%
 Rule 3 (medial malleolus)6944%
 Rule 4 (fifth metatarsal bone)5434%
 Rule 5 (navicular)4428%
PoCUS fracture sonographer
 No fracture11875%
  Distal tibia21%
  Distal fibula2818%
  Fifth metatarsal bone53%
  Distal fibula and tibia53%
PoCUS fracture expert
 No fracture12881%
  Distal tibia11%
  Distal fibula2013%
  Fifth metatarsal bone53%
  Distal fibula and tibia43%
Xray fracture
 No fracture12378%
  Distal tibia00%
  Distal fibula2013%
  Fifth metatarsal bone75%
  Distal fibula and tibia64%
  1. OAR Ottawa Ankle Rules, PoCUS point-of-care bedside ultrasound, Xray plain radiographic image. aOther = malleolus tertius and distal tibia with malleolus tertius