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Table 1 Description of case studies associated the scale scored, for the AusTOMs - PT for use in Podiatry

From: Validity and reliability of the Australian Therapy Outcome Measures – Physiotherapy, for podiatry (AusTOMs-PT for use in podiatry)

CaseDescriptionScale scored
1Cory, Age 10
Heel pain with associated reduction in participation
4. Pain
2Lisa, Age 40
Progressive neurological condition causing foot deformity
3. Neurological Movement Related Functions
3Trent, Age 58
Type 2 Diabetes with suspected Charcot Neuroarthropathy
5. Sensory Functions
4.Edith, Age 90
Pressure injury at heel
6. Skin Function
5.Samantha, Age 11
Idiopathic toe walking
1. Balance and postural control
6.Gary, Age 80
General foot care needed due to inability to reach feet
2. Musculoskeletal Movement Related Functions
7.Sherrie, Age 54
Peripheral neuropathy
5. Sensory Function
8.Richard, Age 62
Recent amputation of second toe on left foot
6. Skin Function
9.Sue, Age 56
Right acute plantar heel pain
4. Pain
10Jim, Age 68
Recent fall and associated hip fracture
1. Balance and postural control