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Table 4 Multivariate linear regression for the determinants of quality of life among 209 Saudi diabetic patients

From: Associations of foot ulceration with quality of life and psychosocial determinants among patients with diabetes; a case-control study

 Unstandardized betaStandard error of beta95% confidence interval (CI)p-value
Lower CIUpper CI
Anxiety; HAD anxiety−0.0340.029−0.0940.0250.251
Depression; HAD depression−0.0690.030−0.129−0.0090.026
Somatic symptoms; PHQ-15−0.0460.037−0.1200.0290.224
Self-management; SDSCA0.0360.032−0.0290.1020.270
Diabetic foot ulcer0.9891.0590.8821.1080.848
  1. Abbreviations as listed in Table 3
  2. Adjusted for age, gender, BMI, marital status, educational level, occupation, monthly income, number of family members, HBA1c level, and number of comorbid diseases