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Table 3 Summary Logistic Regression Table for the impact of site of joint pain on activities of daily living

From: The prevalence and impact of self-reported foot and ankle pain in the over 55 age group: a secondary data analysis from a large community sample

 VariableCo-ef (β)Stan. ErrorWaldPOR95% CI
Standing and Walking
 Main effectsConstant−2.2320.162
Foot and ankle0.8390.059201.740.0002.3142.061 to 2.598
Hip0.8680.066172.0300.0002.3822.093 to 2.712
Co morbidities1.7510.134171.8720.0005.7614.434 to 7.486
Knee1.0060.093117.2470.0002.7342.279 to 3.280
Back0.4030.06045.3360.0001.4961.331 to 1.683
Foot and ankle0.87450.111861.21010.0002.3981.926 to 2.985
Gender0.9450.19124.5010.0002.5731.770 to 3.742
Age: 55 to 64 yrs−0.5220.12118.6260.0000.5930.468 to 0.752
 IntGender (male) by age: 55 to 64 yrs−0.6280.15117.3890.0000.5340.397 to 0.717
Co morbidity by Gender−0.4350.1627.2100.0070.6480.472 to 0.889
Going up and down stairs
 Main effectsConstant−2.1990.142
Co morbidities1.5090.101225.0880.0004.5243.714 to 5.510
Age: 55 to 64 years−1.1220.14361.3640.0000.3260.246 to 0.431
Knee0.7100.09852.0930.0002.0331.677 to 2.465
Foot and ankle0.5370.07551.7550.0001.7111.478 to 1.980
Hip1.0210.16239.9740.0002.7772.023 to 3.811
Back0.3300.1089.3580.0001.3901.126 to 1.717
 IntKnee by Age: 55 to 64 yrs0.6040.14317.7930.0001.8291.382 to 2.422
Gender (Male) by Age: 55 to 64−0.4740.14910.1000.0010.6230.465 to 0.834
Gender (Male) by back−0.4170.12111.8410.0010.6590.520 to 0.836
Getting up from a chair/toilet
Co morbidities1.1000.101117.5190.0003.0042.462 to 3.664
Hip1.6230.19668.7830.0005.0663.453 to 7.434
Age: 55 to 64 yrs−1.2420.15762.3240.0000.2890.212 to 0.393
Foot and ankle0.3630.09414.9990.0001.4381.197 to 1.729
Gender (Male)0.3800.11011.8500.0011.4621.178 to 1.814
Knee0.3820.11810.5850.0011.4661.164 to 1.845
Back0.3620.1199.2710.0021.4361.138 to 1.813
 IntKnee by Age: 55 to 64 yrs0.6340.14519.1790.0001.8851.419 to 2.503
Back by Age: 55 to 64 yrs0.4940.14212.0220.0011.6381.239 to 2.165
Gender by Age: 55 to 64 yrs−0.5250.15012.2370.0000.5910.441 to 0.794
  1. Included are the summary of the main effects and interactions for each of the major sites of OA, with foot and ankle joint pain in italics. Abbreviations: co-eff (β) = the mathematical weighting of each variable in the model; Stan Error = the estimated error of the mathematical weighting; OR = odds ratio; 95% CI = the 95% confidence interval for the estimated odds ratio; int = interaction effects