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Table 1 Stem questions for co-morbidities and activities of daily living and disability [12]

From: The prevalence and impact of self-reported foot and ankle pain in the over 55 age group: a secondary data analysis from a large community sample

Have you ever been told by a doctor or other health professional:
 That you have arthritis or rheumatism?□Yes□No
 That you have high blood pressure?□Yes□No
 That you have diabetes?□Yes□No
 That you have had a stroke?□Yes□No
Functional ability
 In the last three months, have you ha any difficulties with any of the following activities because of health problems or disabilities?
 Gripping or holding things□Yes□No
 Brushing or combing your hair□Yes□No
 Getting up and down stairs□Yes□No
 Getting up from a chair or the toilet□Yes□No
 Putting on shoes, socks or stockings□Yes□No
 Standing or walking□Yes□No