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Table 1 Patient demographics, classification and clinical examination on presentation to the private podiatry clinic

From: “I need somebody who knows about feet” a qualitative study investigating the lived experiences of conservative treatment for patients with posterior tibial tendon dysfunction

Participant (pseudonym)AgeGenderDuration of symptomsClassification
Mark76Male12 monthsII-A2
Faye80Female9 monthsII-A2
Mila40Female7 monthsI-A
Stanley60Male20 monthsIV-A
Christopher45Male14 monthsII-B
  1. Classification system of Bluman et al. [8].
  2. Clinical examination:
  3. • Clinical history
  4. • Pain or swelling on palpation of the medial ankle
  5. • Pain or weakness on the single heel raise test
  6. • Assessment of foot posture
  7. • Ultrasound imaging conducted to confirm diagnosis