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Fig. 3

From: Stiffness modification of two ankle-foot orthosis types to optimize gait in individuals with non-spastic calf muscle weakness – a proof-of-concept study

Fig. 3Fig. 3

Gait biomechanics. (a) Ankle angles, (b) ankle powers, (c) knee angles of subject A (calf muscle strength MRC 4), subject B (calf muscle strength MRC 4) and subject C (calf muscle strength MRC 0). Shoes-only (1) is performed at the DLS-AFO testing day, Shoes-only (2) is performed at the SH-AFO testing day (subject B had all AFO conditions tested at one day, therefore only one shoes-only condition was performed). Abbreviations: DLS-AFO: dorsal-leaf-spring ankle-foot-orthosis, SH-AFO: spring-hinged ankle-foot-orthosis, k: stiffness in N•m•deg− 1, DF: dorsiflexion, PF: plantarflexion, EX: extension, FL: flexion, Gen: generation, Abs: absorption

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