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Table 7 Selected responses to: “What, if any, do you feel the role of a podiatrist is, in assisting patients in managing their cardiovascular health?”

From: Lower limb vascular assessment techniques of podiatrists in the United Kingdom: a national survey

“I feel we are in a privileged position of having more time with patients on a regular basis, having built up a rapport we are able to discuss problems/conditions in a way they feel comfortable which allows better understanding.”
“I think we should be involved, but I need more education.”
“Key role but lacking confidence/ training in addressing difficult conversations with patients”
“Podiatrists can assist in identifying PAD and providing information and education to patients and making appropriate onward referrals”
“There isn’t one - that’s the doctor’s job”
“I don’t feel particularly comfortable with assisting with managing this but I have quite frequently referred the patient back to the GP and highlighted this to them.”
“We are easily accessible for most of the population and i feel we should be more skilled in private practice at assessing vascular problems however due to cost of equipment I feel it will never happen.”
“I think we need to do more in this area, we are in a prime position to be able to identify PAD and have discussions with patients around the cause.”
“I feel all health professionals have a role in assisting patients to manage their cardiovascular health including podiatrists, however I think some health professionals are more qualified to do this than others. As a podiatrist I feel it is slightly out of my scope of practice to manage a patient’s cardiovascular health.”
“Should be to be confident and competent to recognise CV problems and highlight and refer where needed.”
“Important, but overlooked by other health care professionals.”
“I understand it should be paramount in their podiatry experience however feel confidence in this field inhibits my delivery of this advice.”
“It is part of our role but hard when we don’t always have access to information or enough time to assess.”