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Table 1 Example of UTAUT questionnaire

From: Factors influencing behavioural intention to use a smart shoe insole in regionally based adults with diabetes: a mixed methods study

Psychosocial factor Items Example item
Performance Expectancy 4 I would find smart insole equipment useful in managing my health.
Effort Expectancy 4 I expect to find the smart insole equipment easy to use.
Attitude 3 Using a smart insole is a good idea.
Social Influence 4 People who are important to me think that I should use smart insole equipment.
Self Efficacy 3 I could complete most tasks using smart insole equipment if there was no one around to assist me.
Anxiety 4 I would hesitate to use smart insole equipment for fear of making mistakes that I cannot correct.
Facilitating Conditions 4 I have the knowledge necessary to use smart insole equipment.
Behavioural Intentions 3 I intend to use smart insole equipment in the next 365 days.