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Table 1 Electronic search strategy for MEDLINE database, January 2018

From: The effectiveness of non-surgical interventions for common plantar digital compressive neuropathy (Morton’s neuroma): a systematic review and meta-analysis

# Searches
1 peripheral nervous system neoplasms/ OR nerve compression syndromes/ OR nerve sheath neoplasms/ OR neuralgia/ OR neuritis/ OR (neuralgia$1 OR neuritis OR entrapment$1 OR (nerve ADJ5 compression)).ti,ab.
2 neurilemmoma/ OR neuroma/ OR neurofibroma/ OR (neurilemmoma$1 OR neuroma$1 OR neurofibroma$1).ti,ab.
3 foot diseases/ OR foot/ OR forefoot/ OR (foot OR forefoot).ti,ab.
4 metatarsus/ OR metatarsal bones/ OR metatarsophalangeal joint/ OR toes/ OR (metatarsus OR metatarsal$1 OR intermetatarsal OR metatarsophalangeal OR toe$1 OR interdigital OR (plantar ADJ5 digital)).ti,ab.
5 (morton$1 ADJ5 (disease$1 OR neuroma$1 OR neuralgia$1)).ti,ab. OR metatarsalgia/ OR metatarsalgia$1.ti,ab.
6 1 OR 2
7 3 OR 4
8 6 AND 7
9 5 OR 8
10 exp animals/ NOT
11 9 NOT 10
12 (treat$5 OR intervention$2 OR therap$5 OR manag$5 OR procedur$2).ti,ab.
13 11 AND 12 (apply English language filter)