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Table 3 Modifications to Orthotics

From: A randomised controlled trial and cost-consequence analysis of traditional and digital foot orthoses supply chains in a National Health Service setting: application to feet at risk of diabetic plantar ulceration

Type of Orthotic Modification Traditional Supply Chain Digital Supply Chain
Design Modification
 Local removal of material 1 1
 Local softening of material 2 3
 Addition of metatarsal pad or bar   2
 Addition of Wedge or Skive   2
Maintenance and Repair
 Repair or Glue of top cover 14 9
 Replacement of top cover 1  
 Insole Damaged/Replaced 1  
  1. Design modifications were made on a patient by patient basis to relieve pressure. Maintenance and repair was made when required to reflect normal practice within the Orthotics service