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Table 1 Screening Criteria

From: A randomised controlled trial and cost-consequence analysis of traditional and digital foot orthoses supply chains in a National Health Service setting: application to feet at risk of diabetic plantar ulceration

Inclusion Criteria Exclusion Criteria
Aged between 40 and 85 years Have had prior foot or ankle surgery
Have Diabetes diagnosed by a medical practitioner Have had major injury to the lower limb (e.g. fracture)
Have modular or bespoke footwear a Have had prior or active chronic foot or leg ulceration within last 2 years
Have all normal foot structures present Require heel pressure reduction intervention
Be able to walk without a stick for 100 m Have had prescription foot orthoses via the department in the last 12 months
Have sensory neuropathy b Absence of foot pulses assessed via Doppler or palpation
Capable of providing informed consent to participate Comorbidities (Ischaemia, Renal, Charcot Arthropathy
  1. a provided by the orthotics department, b assessed by 10 mg monofilament and vibratory perception at less than 3 out of 10 sites on the foot and ankle