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Fig. 2

From: A randomised controlled trial and cost-consequence analysis of traditional and digital foot orthoses supply chains in a National Health Service setting: application to feet at risk of diabetic plantar ulceration

Fig. 2

Non-inferiority assessment of Orthotic Effect at Site of Highest Pressure. Error bars indicate 2-sided 95% CIs. The dashed line at x = − 11.29 indicates the non-inferiority margin (NIM). The yellow tinted region to the right of x = − 11.29 indicates the zone of inferiority. Digital at 0 M lies wholly left of zero indicating a reduction in pressure compared to control and wholly to the left of the NIM indicating that this is non-inferior. Digital at 6 M, Traditional at 0 M and Traditional at 6 M all lie left of zero indicating a reduction in pressure with orthotics but the lower boundary of their confidence intervals are to the right of the NIM meaning non-inferiority is not demonstrated

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