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Fig. 2

From: Reliability of a multi-segment foot model in a neutral cushioning shoe during treadmill walking

Fig. 2

Example trial data for a female, 20 yrs., 163 cm, and 60 kg, women’s size 7 shoe, with a normal foot posture. Data shows hindfoot motion with respect to the tibia (HFTBA) and forefoot with respect to the hindfoot (FFHFA), both in the Sagittal (X), Frontal (Z), and Transverse (Y) Planes. The hallux with respect to the hindfoot (HXFFA) is shown in the Sagittal Plane (X) only. Day 1 is represented in the blue long dashes and Day 2 is represented in the orange square dotted lines. Dotted vertical line represents the end of stance phase and beginning of swing phase at 62% of the gait cycle

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