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Table 5 Learner costs to become a podiatry prescriber

From: Implementing a podiatry prescribing mentoring program in a public health service: a cost-description study

Activity Resource item Volume Price Cost
Approved podiatric therapeutics program of studya Course fee 1 $4875.03b $4875
Learner podiatrist unpaid time 260 $22.56 /hour $5866
Web based case studies Course fee 1 $250.00 $250
Learner podiatrist unpaid time 2.5 h $22.56 /hour $56
Log sheet preparation Learner podiatrist unpaid time 80 h $22.56 /hour $1805
AHPRA submission Application fee 1 $189.00 $189
  TOTAL $13,041
  1. aOnly required if learner has not completed an approved program of study within the last 7 years
  2. bBased on University of South Australia Advanced Pharmacology for Podiatrists 2017 course fees