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Table 1 Key themes emergent from focus group interviews

From: UK podiatrists’ experiences of podiatry services for people living with arthritis: a qualitative investigation

Themes with key quote Subthemes
Theme 1: Evolving Professional Culture
“Historically the commissioner’s never quite got around to finishing off writing the specification”
AHPs understanding of Podiatry
Patients understanding of Podiatry
Theme 2: ‘Condition vs Complaint’
“Is it about the patient who’s got diabetes or is it that they’ve got diabetic lower limb complications? Because the two are quite different.”
Inequalities and eligibility
Private sector versus NHS
The current bandwagon
Importance of Podiatry in Arthritis
Theme 3: Transforming and Sustaining Podiatry
“We really need to go to the top and make podiatry the same as dental care, the same as eye care, the same as hearing, audiology, you know, we’re just off the radar.”
Equipping Podiatrists
Building Podiatry
Proposals for future shape of Podiatry