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Fig. 4

From: Wide-pulse, high-frequency, low-intensity neuromuscular electrical stimulation has potential for targeted strengthening of an intrinsic foot muscle: a feasibility study

Fig. 4

Individual (s1 – s9) WPHF-evoked force-time-integral profiles during the 1st (tr1; black), 12th (tr12; dark grey) and 24th (tr24; light grey) trains of the intervention. These results demonstrate the varied responses of participants to WPHF, although it is clear that the alternating 100 Hz stimulation increases force output during the 1st trial; and in most, this continues for the duration of the intervention. Note the decay in force during 20 Hz stimulation as time progresses (s1, s2, s3, s6, s7, s8); this is indicative of low-frequency fatigue

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