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Fig. 2

From: A minimal markerset for three-dimensional foot function assessment: measuring navicular drop and drift under dynamic conditions

Fig. 2

Navicular height and width. Navicular height and width during stance (a, c) and associated trial-to-trial errors in terms of the standard deviation of ten walking trials (b, d) averaged among 21 individuals at all three measurement time points. Solid black lines represent the mean, shaded areas the standard deviation. Model outputs from single individuals can be found in Additional fileĀ 3. b Navicular height trial-to-trial errors. 0.87 mm (M1a), 0.85 mm (M1b) and 0.94 mm (M2) averaged among the stance phase. 0.88 mm overall (M1a to M2). d Navicular width trial-to-trial errors. 0.69 mm (M1a), 0.70 mm (M1b) and 0.70 mm (M2) averaged among the stance phase. 0.70 mm overall (M1a to M2)

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